Housing Survey

County-Wide Citizen Housing Survey


The development of a new Thayer County & Communities Housing Study is underway by the Thayer County Economic Development Alliance (TCEDA) and will be completed by February 2021. TCEDA is being assisted by a County-Wide Housing Steering Committee and Hanna:Keelan Associates, P.C., a Nebraska based community planning and research consulting firm, in the preparation of the Housing Study. The Housing Study will include the identification of housing needs and opportunities in each Community in the County, plus the rural unincorporated areas of Thayer County. The citizens of Thayer County will have the opportunity to participate directly in the Housing Study by completing a housing opinion survey.  Deadline to complete the survey is December 4, 2020. Any questions and/or comments regarding the new Housing Study can be directed to Carley Bruning, Executive Director, TCEDA, at 402.768.7407, director.tceda@gmail.com.