Month of May is Flying By

It is hard to believe the end of the month is upon us! Parents are busy situating their kids making sure they are enrolled in summer camps, swim lessons, sports, and set up with daycare.

Farmers are busy either getting fields ready still, planting, or waiting out the weather that doesn’t seem to cooperate throughout the states these days.

Myself I am looking for a nice quiet weekend with no thought or activities to do, just relax. Wait that was just a dream.

The Cattlemen’s Ball is upon us in 10 days, can you believe that! It is an exciting time for Thayer County. Watching the tents go up so quickly, seeing the businesses and people so involved in making this a success, and excited to be a part of something that probably for me is a once in a lifetime event.

This does not mean everything stops. We still have our daily activities, promotions, events and business. Sharing your this news is vitally important to success. Utilizing websites, Facebook, newspapers, advertisements are they way to go. Word of mouth is a great walking sales pitch for your business too.

Just remember people will not know what you have unless you get the word out in a variety media format.
This can be said about TCEDA. A lot of the time I am told that people do not know what TCEDA represents. Sometimes I feel, as the director, that way too when I am not sure of something. So what TCEDA does is find out all the answers and inform you, whether in person, or on our website or facebook.

TCEDA has two great programs that can assist with purchasing a home for those that qualify, obtaining cash flow, start up funds, or just a small loan to get something fixed. Our Rural Business Enterprise Grant is for the purpose of  lending to small businesses at a reasonable rate of return.
There are links listed on  for you to get an idea of the programs information and the rest TCEDA is more than happy to help with. Check out our Links to USDA and SENDD.

Cattlemen’s Ball Thoughts

The Cattlemen’s Ball is set for June 1st and 2nd of 2018.  What a fantastic opportunity to be part of such a huge benefit that aides in the research for curing cancers.

What an opportunity for the surrounding communities and ourselves to be able to attend such an event, that for some of us will be a once in a lifetime chance!

All the folks that are working behind the scenes to get this off the ground, and keep it working like a well oiled machine, Thank You.  The old saying it takes a village to raise a child, well it takes communities, counties, and outside resources to raise The Cattlemen’s Ball.

I have never attended an event like this and hope I will be able to in June 2018.  The entertainment, food, activities, all will have a lasting effect on those that attend and being a part of helping to raise money for Cancer Research will be the biggest accomplishment felt by all.  That is where the pride should come in, not in just it is being held in our community and county, but what the goal is and the good that comes out of this.